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Eye-catching footwears to attend a wedding ceremony

In these days wedding season has started in Pakistan. This is cold weather as well but a trendy young girl do not compromise to loss her stylish look.Now in the footwear shops there are many new styles. And every girl wants to buy and try these shoes.With Kaftan type shirts high heel shoes recommand.Usaully girls love parties, gorgeous dresses and hot footwears.

If you too are a fashionable young lady who love dressing up like divas, check out the footwears photo album. But the question is from where you can get these kind of shoes.These trendy and pretty high heel sandals are for those fashionistas who can't compromise on style and beauty. These footwears will not only make you look tall but enhance your complete personality by accenting your attire and body. Pick a style for yourself and party hard!

Modila , Stylo , Milli , Think Pink are some of famous footwear Pakistani brands.They have fabulous embellish designs for wedding season 2010-2011.

Tip:This Valentino black sandal with pearl on straps will look great with a red sequin dress.Some hot pink sandal in medium heel and crystal embellishment will add fun and glitz to your bubblegum pink tube dress. Go for bold eye makeup with lip gloss in light shade.

If you like to hit the disc in a stylish and sophisticated way, try these very classic party sandals in silver.

Posted by Admin on Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:04 pm (Read More... | 1 comment | Bridal Corner 2012 | Score: 1)
Traditional Bridal Jewelry for brides : Matha Patti or Jhommar

Traditional bridal jewelry for brides is called Matha Patti or Jhommar. In these days, Girls hesitate to wear it. The new trend is to be looked very simple bride. Simple in a sense, Make up should be looks not as coated like paint on bride face.

Sometimes girls do not like heavy jewelry , But the things is if some girl want to be traditional bride so have to wear heavy jewelry , heavy dress , yes off course make up not should be like paint coated face.

If some bride has done each and evary part of ''sola singhar'' but missed the jhommar so she cannot become as a mughal princess. Jhommar and matha pathi now these are two choices. If you are wearing jhommar so you have to wear bhindiya along with it. Otherwise matha patti will cover your whole head.

Yes naturely that's feel very diffirent to a girl to wear such a things which will not use ever by her. But this is the wedding day you have to do everything to make yourself a gorgeous bride.

Posted by Admin on Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:20 pm (Read More... | 1529 bytes more | Bridal Corner 2012 | Score: 2.73)
Engagement dressing tips for winter 2011 pakistani brides

Engagement ceremony is a special ceremony.  Girls give too much attention on this day dressing. But they have to choice such a dress that will not give a look f first day bride.

This is purpose girls should select  some beautiful dress that can be a lehenga , fish lehenga  , farshi gharara , pashwaz , anarkali dress or shalwar kameez suit.

The most important thing is to select some color wisely such as do not use red color. If you will choose some light color or any other dark shade that will suits you and you can look a simple engagement girl.

In light colors you can select pink , sky blue , off white , light purple. If you are thinking to wear some dark shade then green, some shade of blue called ferozi is perfect.

On Asian skin color we have some typical choices of color. But the thing is do as you want, as you dream about that day to be looked. In the picture, This girl choose pink color .This dress is not simple dress but she select every thing in such a way that create her look graceful , simple , decent and portrait a natural beauty's example.

Posted by Admin on Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:36 am (Read More... | 1738 bytes more | Bridal Corner 2012 | Score: 3)
Flower Hairstyles always add grace in the look : Famous Trend for 2011
A beautiful Hairstyle can change look of the bride.So beautician should select hairstyle which suits the bride face shape.If flower add with some style so that can help.

The wedding day is a monumental event in the life of an individual. There are many different details that must be examined in order to ensure that this day is perfect in every way.

Many weddings incorporate beautiful pakistani bridals into the ceremony.

If you are planning a wedding where you will use your tiny friends and/or relatives as bridals, you must consider the hairstyles that will be used to accent these young women.

Here, you will be introduced to various bridal hairstyles.

Bun Bridal Hairstyles

Many weddings elect hairstyles that will make the hairpiece the center of attention. The individuals who are assisting in the creation of the wedding will often put a lot of work and dedication into the hairpieces that will be worn to reflect the overall theme of the wedding.

If you are having this type of wedding, where every detail must be seen, the bun bridal hairstyles are sure to be a big hit! With this type of hairstyle, the hair can be placed in a wrapped type bun on the top of the head, or on the back of the head.

Posted by Admin on Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:02 pm (Read More... | 2127 bytes more | Bridal Corner 2012 | Score: 5)
Bridal French Manicure in 10 steps with pale pink polish

Your gorgeous dress and glowing smile may be the first things on show on your big day, but for much of the rest of the day your hands will be centre of attention - particularly your left hand. It's no good spending weeks preparing to look utterly breathtaking if you neglect your nails, so make the most of your hands with our simple 10-step guide to the classic French manicure for Pakistani Brides 2011.

  1. Condition your hands by massaging in a hand cream last thing at night for at least a month before the wedding. You'll soon see a difference.

  2. Use cuticle oil regularly to keep dry skin and hang nails to a minimum.

  3. Trim your nails to the same length and file them carefully. Decide whether you prefer squared or rounded shapes before you begin.

  4. Apply a single layer of base coat and allow to dry.

  5. Posted by Admin on Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:25 pm (Read More... | 2201 bytes more | Bridal Corner 2012 | Score: 4.33)
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