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Sherwani or Pant Coat for for wedding,Confused? : Tips for bridegroom 2011

A wedding day is a big day not only for girls also for the boys. This is the day at which they are sure that every girl aleast looks at him.This day full surity that people give you attention specially brides's freinds.You have to be look good for girls but dont forget your life partner.Well, this depend on you that for whom you want to be look good.

But boys get confused what should they wear. From family and friends will give you different ideas for wedding day dressing.More ideas mean you get more confuse. So just do as you want to be looked. suggest you better to wear on first day wedding[barat] The Sherwani should be good choice because Sherwani gives such a looks like a Mughal Prince and at second day [walima] you can wear Formal Suit.

Firslty, when you are going to select your sherwani just check the current Fashion Trends of men.Pakistani Fashion Designers show case thier designs for your wedding day make perfect.The well known are Nomi Ansari , Junaid Jamshed Brands , Karma and the list is huge.

You should select the color suits your skin complexion.This is new Trend started that if bride wear red dress so bridegroom will wear white, off white , black , brown. So check that what is she wearing.Here this picture of famous male model, he also have done modeling for Gul Ahmed Brand cotton suiting .

Posted by Admin on Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:53 pm (Read More... | 1852 bytes more | Men Fashion | Score: 0)
Dress Dandy Style

Gents who would like to flash their style-consciousness can adopt the latest waves in men's fashion, namely the Dandy style. This trend has a long tradition among the members of aristocracy. The refined shirts and jackets as well as sophisticated accessories all demonstrate the high brow taste of these men. Join the modern re-invention of this movement that recruits millions of fans all over the world

Nowadays with the revival of the Sherlock Holmes saga more and more people are impressed by the well-defined and noble look of British Dandies. Undoubtedly some of the few movements in men's fashion that promoted the careful selection of accessories as well as basic clothing pieces managed to enter the wishlist of designers. Projecting their own view of the contemporary gentleman serves as the best source of inspiration for the public. Abstracting from the charm of top hats and other signature accessories this trend can be also embedded in the modern conception of a 'natural born gent' with all his noble qualities. The name was also used to describe men who pay special attention to their attire as well as don't restrict themselves to neutral colors. Diving into the depth of prints and fine tailoring, everyone can adopt a similar trend.

Posted by Admin on Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:30 am (Read More... | 2841 bytes more | Men Fashion | Score: 4.2)
Katy Eary Spring 2010 Menswear

Inspired by the dark genius of William Burroughs's 1959 psychedelic masterpiece Naked Lunch, Katy Eary's collection for men for spring 2010 is an absolute show. London Fashion Week hosted the presentation of a magnificent, crazy, inspirational show signed Katy Eary, who designed a quite unique menswear line.

The spring 2010 collection ''explores the inner decay of the human body and its twisted beauty,'' so you shouldn't be surprised to know that it includes tights and lots of shirts literally decorated with vein images or bones, wild masks or googly-eye glasses (which, by the way, were created in collaboration with luxury eyewear designer Linda Farrow).

Posted by Admin on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:50 pm (Read More... | 2266 bytes more | Men Fashion | Score: 0)
Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 Menswear

Tommy Hilfiger is a mane that everyone has probably heard of and it's no surprise why. His designs are gorgeous, stylish and of high quality, characteristics which have lead to the brad's enormous success. If you are all about style and elegance, Tommy Hilfiger's 2010 menswear collection can help you enhance your style.

A name associated with luxury goods, Tommy Hilfiger has managed to create an empire when it comes to fashion and style. From sportswear to gorgeously tailored suits, Tommy Hilfiger managed to add some style to each of his designs.

A heavy name in the fashion industry, Tommy Hilfiger's designs have been worn by celebrities at different casual or formal events, meaning that they are highly appreciated by the high class society and not only.

Posted by Admin on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:46 pm (Read More... | 2460 bytes more | Men Fashion | Score: 0)
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