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Winter skin care must do routine to have dewy complexion
Date: Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:30 am
Topic: Skin Care

Winter skin care tips

Everyone want to have beautiful skin with dewy complexion during winter season. We are providing you some of basic skincare guidelines. After following these guidelines you can see the change in your face.

1) Night Cream : Put on any good night cream , if you can not afford some expensive night cream then use vaseline but make your face moisturize and in the morning wash your face ,put sun block. Then put some make up.

2) Sun Block : No matter it is summer or winter , everyone should use sun block. You can use SPF 20 ,50 , 75 , 100 , what suits you.It is your choice. If you live in some country like Gulf or Asia then you should use SPF 50 to 100 but during summer below then 50 is fine. It is suggest by dermatologist to use everyday sunblock even you are not going outside in light.

3) Vitamins in a form of fruits : To have beautiful skin is not only the game of skin care. It is about what you eat. other than using expensive cream better to eat full of vitamins in your food. Drink juices. One apple a day , four to five apricots , one orange at least during a day can effect a lot. If you follow these much vitamins then you can notice your complexion become lighter within one week.

4) Drink Water : Drinking water is the key to have glowing skin.

Urwa Hacone , famous tv and film actress , has beautiful skin with dewy complexion. You can enjoy that kind of beautiful skin after following simple tips , make them your habit

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