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Lollywood News: A classical treat : Sheema Kermani and her students performed at the Arts Counci
There is a certain grace about classical dance that makes the spectators lose themselves in ecstasy. Recently, Sheema Kermani and her students performed at the Arts Council and mesmerised the audience...

By the time the programme started, the venue was brimming with people from all age groups along with youngsters, there were a large number of elderly men and women eagerly waiting for the performance to start.

The success of the show could have been predicted long before it even began, as a large number of people turned up that evening. Those who came late had to suffer, as all the seats were already occupied and they had to sit on the stairs. Since, they were genuinely interested in the art of classical dance, most of these people actually sat patiently on the stairs so they could stay and watch the performance.

Enough said about that, what was the show all about? And who were the performers? Some music concert by a famous pop/rock band? No. A fashion show by a leading designer? Still no. The people were not gathered to watch some rock star performing or models walking on the ramp but they were there to witness a classical dance performance by none other than Sheema Kermani and her very talented students. The show was aptly named 'Jugalbandi', as it presented a fusion of various genres of classical dance. The experiment of putting together the different types of classical dance was entertaining as well as intriguing. It was an overwhelming experience to see the amazing amalgamation of totally different genres of classical dance.

The evening started off with Sheema's performance on Faiz Ahmed Faiz's famous poem, 'Intesaab'. Sheema's flawless moves on the poem which is an empathetic dedication to the common people of the homeland - the farmers, peasants, tanga wallas, exploited women and children - was accompanied by a touching recitation by Khalid Ahmed. While Sheema captured the attention of the audience with her striking movements and communicative facial expressions, Khalid's beautiful rendition infused life into the act.

Next in line was a cute performance of 'Manipuri' dance. Well, it was cute because all the performers were in the age bracket of 8-10. The little girls attired in colourful clothes gracefully presented the Manipuri that has its roots from the northeast valley of Manipur, India. Not only were the movements of the performers delicate and graceful, but the way they expressed their feelings through their facial expressions was also praiseworthy keeping in mind the tender age of the performers. It was well received by the audience.

The 'jugalbandis' incorporated the fusion of Bharata Natyam with Odissi and Odissi with Kathak. Those who are interested in classical dance know very well that all the three forms used in the fusion are totally different from each other - both in terms of movements and techniques. Therefore, credit must be given to Sheema for putting together the diverse and difficult styles in a mesmerising way. Coming to the performers, all of them - Mani Chao, Suhaee Abro, Zohra Omer, Mohsin Baber and of course, Sheema did their jobs very well. However, the show stealers of the evening were Suhaee Abro and Mani Chao. The young girl, Suhaee, who individually performed Allaripu - a form of Bharata Natyam and later accompanied Mani Chao for a jugalbandi of Bharata Natyam and Odissi was undoubtedly the star of the evening. The way she carried out the difficult and intricate movements of Bharata Natyam left the people spellbound. The same can be said for Mani Chao who is also a Bharata Natyam dancer.

It was followed by a jugalbandi of Odissi and Kathak performed by Sheema and her Kathak student Mohsin Baber. His rhythmical subtle moves gelled well with the Odissi's striking body language. Though, it must have been really difficult for the students to perform with their mentor but they managed to keep up with Sheema's name and, of course, her expectations.

The last performance of the show was a jugalbandi of Odissi and Bharata Natyam performed by Sheema and Mani Chao that received standing ovation by the audience proving that the show was a tremendous success. We hope that Sheema and her troupe keep on conducting such performances to keep one of the oldest forms of dance alive and happening.

Posted on Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:54 am by Admin Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:54 am
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