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Lollywood News: Recently a music studio has been launched in Karachi
In order to promote Pakistani pop music and encourage young aspiring musicians to explore their talents recently a music studio has been launched in Karachi...

Music can bridge barriers, celebrate diversity and put your soul at ease. Over the years our local music industry has also made its name in international market. Along with mainstream pop singers a lot of underground bands have also emerged. But the million dollar question is: do we have enough music producers and studios to support the musicians?

For this reason, Coca Cola came up with its first music studio which brings us fusion music in a series of live studio recordings. Fusion is an ambitious concept and this studio session includes some of the most challenging music and vocal variations.

Sounds great! Plus, we can't ignore the magic of collaborations too. With this step the organisers have created the platform where renowned and upcoming musicians from various genres can come together to produce music they have never done before.

To honour the idea of the studio, the big wigs of the entrainment industry recently got together at the venue to experience and enjoy the ambiance. Amongst them were some of the most talented musicians too who performed for the guests and made the event memorable.

Rohail Hyatt, a successful music producer and now company's consultant, was present to share his professional experiences. Being one of the founding members of Vital Signs, he is now handling the production side of the singers and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is one big name to his credit. With the success of Rahat's album, Rohail came back into the limelight after a long disappearance from the music scene. He is currently working on three albums that are slated for release later this year. It is his ability, paired with his years of experience that gained him his association with the soft drink.

Then, there was Ali Azmat who blazed the stage with his thundering performance. No doubts his band Junoon survived through the times when Pakistani bands were going through a rough patch. A solo artist since 2003, he is now reinventing the South Asian music scene, exhilarating audiences everywhere with his passionate and poetic fusion of east and west musical traditions.

The band which is being played everywhere these days supported the new studio as well. It's none other than Strings who have recently come out with their latest album 'Koi aanay wala hai'. The dynamic duo of Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood encouraged the step and hoped to see new talent coming to the forefront as now they have a channel to launch themselves.

Crediting the organisers with the event, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan graced the occasion with his presence. He is one of the countries leading Qawwals. These days he is too busy singing across the border and making us proud. More recently, his vocals were featured on the soundtrack of Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto'.

The handsome hunk of our music industry, Ali Zafar, rocked the people with his upbeat numbers and funky lyrics. The success of his albums has made him stand in the league of the most popular artists ever to have come out of Pakistan with a massive fan following locally and internationally.

The other great names of music industry checking out the new studio were Hussain Bakhsh Gullo, Tufail, Omran Shafique of Mauj, Zeeshan Parwez and the drums maestro, Gumby. Woah! Quite a big music support they have there. We just hope it gets bigger and better with time... after all it's our music that has taken us to an international level.

Posted on Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:35 am by Admin Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:35 am
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