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Imran Khan Talks about his ex-wife Jemima
Imran Khan Talks about his ex-wife Jemima-and makes a startling revelation about Princess Diana.Imran Khan, after playing a series of political innings is still remarkably relaxed. Speaking from the safety of his paradise -- his homely hill-top mansion in Islamabad -- the cricketer-turned-politician gives his most intimate interview yet about subjects that are deeply personal to him, like his relationship with his ex-wife Jemima Khan.
No stranger to controversy, he also makes a revelation that is set to reignite the debate on the late Princess Diana and her two-year relationship with London-based heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.
A statement given to the police by the esteemed surgeon (who is not related to Imran Khan) was read out at the inquest that the Princess, in which he said it was Diana who called off their relationship and that they had discussed marriage but didn't take it any further.
Imran, 55 confirms that Diana wanted to marry Hasnat. Moreover, he reveals that the Princess asked him to bring the relationship back on track after if fell apart.
But is about Jemima, the mother of his sons Sulaiman, eleven and Qasim, nine, that Imran speaks most openly. When he was arrested in November last year under Pakistan's anti-terrorism laws, Jemima rallied support in the UK for her ex-husband, protesting against the state of emergency that President Pervez Musharraf had declared, which saw lawyers, human rights activists and political opponents detained.
Her commitment was impressive and his gratitude is heartfelt. His divorce from Jemima, the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith was the most difficult time of his life, Imran confesses, but the bond between them couple remains strong.

Jemima was, of course, a close friend of Princess Diana. So when Diana turned to the charismatic politician for advice about her relationship with Hasnat Khan, the man she described as ''the love of my life,'' he was keen to help. But his loyalties were divided. Diana wanted him to try to bring Hasnat back to her, but Imran was also a friend of Dodi Fayed and didn't want to get involved.
''She wanted to marry Hasnat,'' he says of Diana. He was not sure at that point, so I agreed to play an intermediary. But I didn't, because shortly afterwards I saw the photos with Dodi, whom I knew as well. ''Do I regret it? I believe in God and doing your best.... I mean, I would have spoken to Hasnat. I intended to...''
When asked whether Diana and Hasnat would have worked out as a couple, Imran diplomatically replies: ''Who knows? Two people from different backgrounds, two different cultures. And there is another thing you never really know another human being until you get to know their worst aspects. Only then can marriage work.''
End of the marriage
His own marriage to Jemima finally ended in divorce in 2004 after nine years. ''Once I have a dream I go for it,'' he says about his political aspirations. He says he tried to ''reconcile the marriage with my dream. I actually loved my married life. There was nothing I enjoyed more than being with my family.''
Their divorce, he says,''was the most painful experience in my life since my mother's death. It was difficult for six months, a year. It did matter to me that my family split, and I didn't spend much time with my children. The children gave me so much pleasure.''
But Imran insists: ''Our divorce was a very amicable one. It happened because we realised that she could never live in Pakistan, while I would not be able to live outside. It is very difficult to leave your country. Especially for Jemima, who is close to her family, her friends. I went to a London university. I spent 18 summers in the UK. Still, if someone asked me to live outside Pakistan I would find it very difficult.''
He says it is their two sons who keep their bond close and over whom they have ''a good understanding.'' She is the mother of my two children and always will be.''
Sulaiman and Qasim live in England with Jemima, where they go to school, and spend holidays in Pakistan with their father. ''They are bicultural. I hope they pick up something from each culture.'' he adds.l
Posted on Thu May 15, 2008 1:56 am by Admin Thu May 15, 2008 1:56 am
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