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Fashion Tips: 10 Fashion Rules for Wearing Denim in winter 2011

Jeans have survived generation after generation of come-and-go fashion fads, yet stand firm as an essential wardrobe staple.

The key to looking good in denim is about understanding your body shape to find the perfect fit.

Don't be a slave to fashion, and know how to accessorize jeans with pieces that compliment your look, rather than cheapen it.

Rule 1 - The Perfect Fit

  • Ill-fitting jeans do nothing for your style or your silhouette. Finding the right pair is not so much about fashion, but more about style. Concern yourself with finding the correct shape for your body type rather than keeping up with the latest trend. Seek advice from a store's personal shopper usually the service is free. Alternatively go to your favorite specialist jeans store and ask for help. These sales consultants know their stock well and have a good idea about each brand's styles and fits.

Rule 2 - Patience Pays Off

  • There is no quick fix to finding the perfect pair of jeans. Even though you may be faithful to a particular brand, they will vary from cut to cut. No matter what size and shape you are, be prepared to go from shop to shop and spend several hours in the fitting room. When you finally find a fit that really flatters your silhouette, it is worth it in the end. Save time by researching your body type and potential suitable styles on the net. When you get to a store you will then know which ones to try.

Rule 3 - Work and Play

  • ''Denim should be used but not abused,''. This celebrity stylist guru goes on to warn that there is a time and a place for jeans, no matter how dressy they may be. Whilst they are ok for casual wear, a nightclub and semi-formal social occasions (and in some cases, work) when it comes to attending a big corporate event, a dress or smart pants win over every time. No matter how you dress it up, denim is always denim.

Rule 4 -Dress Up Your Jeans

  • For a party, date or meal out, dress up jeans with a chic, trendy scarf or lots of great jewelry. Add a pair of flashy flats or look-at-me heels and you're off! A tucked-in classic white shirt and a narrow belt threaded through the belt loops can transform a casual pair of jeans into something much more elegant

Rule 5 - Fleeting Fashion Fads

  • Do not follow short-lived seasonal trends at the expense of spoiling your look. Low-rise hipsters work on very few body shapes, and skinny jeans are best left to those with long legs and slim hips, although there are some exceptions. Flares and boot-leg cuts are far more forgiving, as are high or mid-waisted jeans.

Rule 6 - The Overstuffed Sausage Factor

  • Avoid styles which cut into your hips or constrict your legs to the point of discomfort, (as in super-skinny jeans). High-waisted jeans are kinder to large stomachs and bottoms, not forgetting oneof the greatest recent fashion inventions, tummy-tuck jeans. No matter how much you love that skinny pair on the rack, do not, repeat not, try to squeeze yourself into too-tight jeans, at the expense of looking like an overstuffed sausage.

Rule 7 -Butt Cleavage

  • Avoid butt-cleavage at all costs. In the UK, this is known as ''Builder's Bum,'' an unsightly offering of butt peeking out from your waistband, made even worse if it tackily shows a glimpse of thong. If you are wearing low-waisted jeans, then make sure you pull up the waistband before you sit down, and pull down your shirt or top.

Rule 8 -Overspill - "The Muffin Top"

  • Due to the current trend in low-waisted hipsters, a muffin top, caused by ill-fitting jeans is a common site amongst women who are trying too hard to be fashionable. Avoid any jeans which cause your flesh to spill out over the top of your waistband. Don't be downhearted - persevere until you find a better style, as this is usually not so much about size but more about finding the right cut and fit.

Rule 9 - Colored Jeans

  • White is the new black this season, so white jeans are currently chic and trendy. Don't overdo other colors though, unless it's black or gray, which can dress up a pair of denims with an edgy elegance. Although stores are currently full of spring-like colored jeans, these are best left to women the right side of 24 and not a 40-year old.

Rule 10 - Build a Jeans Wardrobe

  • Having at least one pair of great fitting, go-anywhere jeans is a crucial element in any woman's wardrobe,'' says Zoe. To cover all bases, ideally you should have a pair for smart and casual wear, a close fit and a baggier fit, and a pair in a deep, dark rinse as well as a lighter wash.

Posted on Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:20 am by Admin Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:20 am
"10 Fashion Rules for Wearing Denim in winter 2011" | Login/Create an Account | 7 comments | Search Discussion
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