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Beauty Tips: Tired Eyes: Know The Secrets How To Have The Fresh Peepers

Do you need that 80 percent of the information that we process everyday passes through our eyes? No wonder we feel so tired. But worst than feeling tired is the fact that you do look tired, which is something that you can't hide and act out of. On the other hand, having tired eyes even after having the most refreshing sleep since 80s can be really stressful. But even if your tired eyes are the direct result of functional cause - like gazing at the computer screen or reading the tiniest of food label - knowing how to take good care of your eyes when it has taken a full day's work is the key to having a great set of peepers. Here we share the secrets of how you can tackle tired puffy eyes so you can always look fresh every single day.

Anyone, even you, can tell when you have bloodshot eyes. Go ahead look in the mirror after a day of staring at your computer monitor. Without a doubt, we know that your eyes reflect how tired you and your body are. Getting rid of the redness and cooling those prominent blood vessels can be done in an instant. Simply follow this advice.

Try it cold. Low temperature can put the blood vessels in your eyes at ease. Wrap ice cubes in a clean washcloth. Simply lay the compress over your eyes in 30 minutes.

Buy tears. These eye drops weren't made for nothing. Make sure that you make use of these convenient tear bottles to provide moisture when your eyes need it the most. If you are literally starting to see red, run to the nearest drugstore and ask for these products. If you are wearing contacts, ask for rewetting drops instead.


Funny lines - how come smiling has this not-so good effect on our body. Yes, it is not only the skin surrounding your mouth that suffers from a so fun and health-benefitting activity called smiling. Sure smiling and laughing is good for your wellbeing, but research show that it years of doing so will show in your skin. Banish those fine lines with these tips.

AHA. We know you can't just live without AHA if you have reached the big 3-0. A natural derivative of sugarcane, fruits, and sour milk, AHA is definitely our expert-recommended and approved ingredient to banishing those lines. If you are planning to get rid of those lines that accentuate (ugh) those tired eyes, shop for an eye cream containing at least 5 percent AHA. Just make sure that you read the instructions before you use it.

Dark Circles

The most common signs of tired puffy eyes - the dark circles beneath it. We all experience this unpleasant sign of partying hard and even working too hard. So what will it take to banish those under eye circles? Here are some tips.

Relax with chamomile. Not only will chamomile help you get some refreshing snooze, it is also known to constrict the blood vessels, especially those that show prominently underneath your eyes. If you already had your night your nightcap, simply put a chilled chamomile tea bag over your eyes for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Try witch hazel. One of the best herbs that have been used to instantly banish tired eyes is witch hazel. If you can't work your way to a dark circle-free morning with chamomile, experts highly recommend trying a witch hazel tincture. Simply dab a cotton ball in witch hazel and place it on your skin with your eyes closed for up to 20 minutes.

Posted on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:41 pm by Admin Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:41 pm
"Tired Eyes: Know The Secrets How To Have The Fresh Peepers" | Login/Create an Account | 0 comments
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