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Fashion Hairstyle: The Secrets To Great Hair – Without Splurging On Expensive Hair Products

Let's face it - not everyone can have great hair day everyday. From a tragic trip to a salon to a not so cooperative morning hair, everyone, has some point in their lives, has to go through a number of look-changing events that will lead you to the best and perfect 'do. Unfortunately for us, the moment that we agree that, yes, you can have a great hair, the hint of gray starts to appear. And to make things worse, your hair starts to grow slow and finer. Why not turn this seemingly unfortunate event to an opportunity to try something new. We know that, at this point, it is really difficult to see the rainbow but with these simple tips you can have that great hair you have always wanted.

Some women are ultimate style chameleons. On the other hand, there are women who feel anxious, if not nervous, when stepping into the salon to have her hair cut. Not that feeling anxious about a hair cut is wrong; in fact, if you have not gone from a short bob to a super flirtatious wave in your lifetime, you definitely belong to the hair conserving women. Having a hair cut can be a very traumatic or rewarding experience. If you are planning to have one, here are some tips to tip the odds in your favor.

Know what suits you. Your hair can either accentuate your wonderful features or simply steal the attention of people - in a not-so good way. To have the great natural hair that you have always dreamed of, you start by assessing how you can use your hair to truly highlight your best assets. This process doesn't start and end by knowing the shape of your face but essentially takes in your height, weight, and lifestyle needs in consideration.

Be open to change. Your alliance to your hair should be conditional. To have a great hair now, you need to take risk. You cannot live your life with regrets; thinking of what might have been should be out of the horizon. It's only hair, the next thing you know, it has already reached its former length, notes Alex Ioannou, co-owner of Trio Salon, Chicago. Experiment, dare to give way to a new you. If the cut that you have imagined didn't work for your favor, there is always a next time - and a next hair cut to try.

Know yourself. Knowing the perfect cut to have a great hair does not only require knowing which cut suits your face but most importantly about your true personality and style goddess. A hairdresser, even the expert of all stylists, is not someone who can be aware of what you want. Without a picture or other concrete example of the style that you want to radiate, your stylist cannot fully understand your needs.

Have a stash for your ideal style. An image of the style that you want to exude can help you more than you can think, especially when you are not yet sold with a cut that you have been eyeing for some time. Simply start out a collection. Do not worry about managing your collection of images - and whether any of the styles will fit your needs and ideal look. Think of these pictures as a way to have a better overview of what you truly want. Once you have built it, you will essentially see a pattern that can lead you to the great hair style that you have always dreamed of.

Posted on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:37 pm by Admin Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:37 pm
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