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Health Care: Lose Quick Weight

You can lose your weight pretty quickly if you follow the following instructions, this would benefit you to look really good and will give you a great feeling about yourself. We will enlist the things to do in a point form so that it becomes very easy for you to understand and follow.

1.You must add fruits and vegetables in your everyday meal or snack. This will make you feel full and will help you to cut down a lot of your calories that you take from junk food.

2.If you eat your breakfast, you will likely to eat less later in the day, as it will take care of your caloric requirements early in the day and make you feel full and prevent you from going to the junk food.

3.You must snack every four hours and make sure that you have oranges, apples, pretzels so that your desire to eat is being taken care of.

4.You must remember that you need to eat at regular intervals, as this will help you to divide your portions equally.

5.You must know your portions and how much you need to have at the time of your meal. For example the size of your fist is equal to about half a cup of rice, a three ounce of meat is a deck of cards. You must divide your plate to about 3/4th with vegetables, beans, fruits, grains and the rest of the 1/4th should be filled with lean meat or low fat dairy products.

6.You must have a cookie now and then so that you can take care of the cravings that you have from time to time and then you can skip any one of your meals during the day.

7.Having a glass of water every one to two hours will make you feel that you are full and will prevent you from having more calories than are required in a day.

8.It is important for you to eat slowly as this will curb your appetite and you eat less and will also help you to chew better and puts less workload on your stomach to digest down the food.

9.You can also lose about a 100 calories a day by replacing that with oranges and fruits and lose about one pound every month.

10.If you buy the fruits and vegetables that are pre-cut, you will be able to have them more in your snack time and it will provide you a good amount of fiber in your diet and you can also make salad for your dinner.

11.You should change your eating habits by eating as less as possible of the processed foods so that you can maintain good eating habits and being able to reduce the calories.

12.Just remember that you do not need to much on things every now and then but should wait on your meal time so that you can maintain your daily caloric requirements.

13.It is prudent that you limit your alcohol intake and keep it only for special occasions, because the alcohol is going to increase your appetite, as well as it is going to decrease your willpower on eating at specific times and eating healthy.

14.You must brush your teeth after you eat.

15.You must eat beans because they add taste to salad as well as they decrease the urge to eat.

16. You can work on finding a new kind of food, which is less in fats so that you are not bored with the food that you are having on a daily basis.

17.You can eat spicy food, which will just keep you from overeating and will limit you as to how much you eat.

18.When you visit a restaurant, you must stick to ordering the soup, which is less in fat, vegetable combo, salad, as well as grilled chicken.

19.You can try a herbal supplement, which will help you to decrease your appetite and will give you more energy.

Posted on Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:04 pm by Admin Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:04 pm
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